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Women Are Their Own Problem – Activist Bisi Alimi Slams Annie Idibia’s Critics


Bisi Alimi, the popular gay activist, has slammed women slut-shaming Annie Idibia after she accused her husband of having an affair with his ex-lover, Pero.

DAILY POST reported that the popular Nollywood actress took to her Instagram account on Thursday night to drag her husband, Tuface Idibia, better known as “2baba”, for defying their marital vows and spending a night with his ex-lover, Pero.

She noted that she deserves better from him having stood by him even when it was obvious his family never liked her or their relationship.

According to her, “Your baby mamas constantly use your children as an excuse for all sorts of rubbish.”

The actress also called out Tuface’s brother, Hyacinth Idibia, for housing the singer, his kids and Pero under the same roof.

Reacting, Alimi, in a post via his Instagram account on Friday, revealed that women will never win if they don’t learn how to stand by each other in times like this.

According to him, it makes no sense for a woman to stick with a man that is a “community pr*ck” after all she has done for him.

He further went on to note that things wouldn’t have been the same had it been it was Annie that had different baby daddies.

“A woman stayed with her husband even when he was a community pr*ck.

“Now she has had enough because the man continues to disrespect his marriage, but no he is not the problem It is the woman who spoke out.

“Women in Nigeria will never win. Imagine if it was Annie that had different baby daddies, I’m sure we won’t be having this conversation,” he wrote.

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