World Bank calls for strengthened national data systems for ‘better lives’

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World Bank has called for strengthened national data systems in -income countries as a means to realising full of data revolution to better the lives of poor people.

According to institution, ‘from information gathered in household surveys to pixels captured by satellite images, data can inform policies and spur economic activity, serving as a powerful weapon in fight against poverty.’

Bank noted that data is available today than ever before, yet its value is largely untapped.

The recommendation was contained in the just published “World Development 2021: Data for Better Lives”. The says that ‘data is also a double-edged sword, requiring a social contract that builds trust by protecting people against misuse and harm, and work toward equal access and representation.’

According to World Bank Group President David Malpass, ‘data offer tremendous to create value by improving and policies, driving economies, and empowering . The perspective of poor people has largely been absent from the debate on data and urgently needs to be heard.

‘Lower-income countries are too often disadvantaged due to a lack of institutions, decision-making autonomy, and financial resources, all of which hold back their effective implementation and effectiveness of data systems and frameworks. International cooperation is needed to harmonise regulations and coordinate policies so that the value of data is harnessed to benefit all, and to inform efforts toward a green, resilient and inclusive ,’ he said.

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