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World Cup selection : No list can satisfy everybody, says Ekeji


LAGOS – A former Director-General of the National Sports Commission, Patrick Ekeji, on Thursday said that no country’s World Cup list is perfect.

Ekeji told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos that citizens of every country participating at the World Cup would continue to talk on the players selected by their coaches.

”There is no such thing as a perfect list, everyone will definitely have one thing or the other to say about the choices made by a coach.

”Brazilians, Italians and other countries would be faulting their coach’s selection because they believe some players are left out and some who don’t deserve to be in it are in it.

”There is no list that Keshi could have presented that would have satisfied all Nigerians and football stakeholders,” he said.

Ikeji believed that Keshi had good intentions in the selection he made to execute his World Cup plans.

”Believe me it is not easy to narrow down a 30-man list to 23, it takes a whole lot of thinking and picking the completely physically fit players.

”Keshi knows what he wants in his players and his intentions are nothing but that of having a memorable outing in Brazil,” Ekeji said.

He urged the Super Eagles to take every match with seriousness to avoid unnecessary pressure.

”Taking every match seriously and cautiously is very essential in achieving their aims at the competition.

”They should play every match like a final and stay above pressure.

”Their very best is what they should put into it. Nigerians appreciate good efforts and would support them no matter what.

”When they put in their best it will definitely take them all the way,” Ekeji said. (NAN

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