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Yahoo boy loses $50,000 hit after being caught eating sh*t


A video of a young man confessing to eating human faeces for ritual purposes has been.

A source forwarded the video to News Express on Wednesday.

In the clip, the young man who should be in his early 30s is seen surrounded by his captors and visibly traumatised after he was reportedly caught eating an unwary person’s faeces.

There have been rumours around Benin City that yahoo boys (name of internet fraudsters in Nigeria) were eating human faeces as part of their ritual process of getting their foreign victims to acquiesce to whatever financial requests they make while the person whose excreta is eaten dies or goes mad.

It was this thinking that enraged the captors of this yahoo man who, from injuries in his arms, was subjected to beating.

The man, in the video, gave his name as Junior Clement Amanda, saying he hails from Ekpan, Delta State.

He admitted to eating the faeces, the second time he was doing so, but denied that anything bad would happen to the person whose faeces he ate.

“After eating sh*t I would go to bill my client (internet victim) and he would pay whatever I ask him to pay,” he said.

He told his captors that he was about to dupe his internet victim of $50,000 if he had succeeded.

Source News Express

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