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You Can Pray For Yusuf Buhari While I Pray For Others Who Need Prayers The Most


By Samuel Ajayi

ABUJA (Sundiata Post) Africa and the black race will be emancipated mentally the day we come to the realisation that  NO LIFE IS SUPERIOR TO THE OTHER. And I will explain why!
I can see the hypocrisy in the fake prayers for Yusuf Buhari. That’s your lot. I won’t join you in any prayers. Block me if you feel emotionally gored. I don’t care. But if you want to read on, you can. 
Buhari’s attitude to killings in this country can NEVER make me pray for his son. Get that to your skull. 
* The life of his son is NOT more precious than the lives of thousands that have been killed by herdsmen. Or those killed by security agents. 
* Yusuf’s life is NOT more important than the life of the boy who was crushed to death while struggling for fuel. 
* Femi Adesina, Buhari’s spokesperson, said and I quote: 
“When it is convenient for us, we shout true federalism. On the other hand, we want the presidency to speak on everything. The President does not have to speak on this matter (Southern Kaduna killings). We have a governor in place who is handling the situation.”
So if the President, in the spirit of “true federalism”, did not have to speak on killings of over 100 people, why should I now kill myself because his son nearly got himself killed in power bike accident? 
Please tell me. 
Let me remind you of some things. 
Damilola Taylor (you remember that boy?) was killed in apparent hate crime in London some 17 years ago. The whole of Scotland Yard was almost turned upside down finding his killers. There was another boy, named Boy Adam by the police. The only part his body found was his torso. But police pursued and pursued these cases to logical conclusions. 

TWO young men were involved in accident but you have been praying for ONE! So who is fooling who? 
I pray for the families who are in pains now because their sons, daughters, fathers and kids are being killed everyday because the state has failed them. They live in fear as herdsmen run over their farms. 
Do your own prayers, I do mine! 
Leave the answering to God!

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