‘You Can’t Save Someone Who Doesn’t Want To Be Saved’ – Chacha Eke’s Brother Gives Up On His Sister

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Aik Eke, the brother of , Chacha Eke seems have given up on her after her latest outburst that he should steer clear of her .

Recall that Chacha had yesterday accused the brother of lying about her current situation as they haven’t even seen each for 2years now.

Reacting that, he said he can’t save someone doesn’t want be saved therefore those asking him fight for his sister should chill and allow him have his peace of mind because his sister doesn’t want to be saved.

Debunking the 2yrs claims, he posted a photo of himself Chacha and her which was taken last year 2019 showing truly that Chacha was lying about not seeing him for 2yrs now.

Now it appears the of the actress are washing hands off her marital issue as it seems she doesn’t want them to meddle it hence his brother was trying to fight for her has also given up on her now saying next time he will join the audience and watch her videos and enjoy.

screenshot below;