You Need Psychiatric Help – Wike Tells Amaechi

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By Chibuike Nwabuko

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Abuja (Sundiata Post) – The face-off between the minister of transportation, Hon Chibuike Amaechi and the Rivers state governor, Nyesom Wike reached a crescendo on Wednesday when the latter took Amaechi to the cleaners and referred to him as a Nut Case.

Nyesom Wike threw the shade at a rally organized by Non-indigenes of rivers state for him in Port Harcourt.

He said Amaechi needed to have a thorough check carried out on him, because his conducts since he came into power has clearly shown he (Amaechi) has a psychiatric problem.

His words “ you mean they have not seen that this person  has a psychiatric problem, we all knew him , there is no way they can tell us the Minister of Transport  does not have a psychiatric problem”

The Rivers state Governor accused Amacehi of carrying on in a manner that have put the party, APC in bad light

“APC has its own problem”

“It did not take APC to come to Rivers state to realize that Amaechi is the problem, so there is no way they can be calling my name in the  problem APC is facing”

“in 1989 Amaechi did  not participate in any election, also in 1999 , it was the court that gave Amaechi the governorship seat” “ let the whole world hear this, he even said he made me the Chief  Of staff”

“This boy was in Ghana, god used people like us to make Amaechi who he is today, a boy who was in Ghana can now turn around and say he made people like us”

Wike also used the occasion to accuse the Transportation Minister of attempting to destroy institutions in the state, because of the desire to show he is always in charge.

“Amaechi wants to destroy every institution, in 2005 Amaechi was celebrating the Supreme Court, but now because the Supreme Court is no longer doing his biddings he now wants to destroy the Supreme Court”

“Instead of him to take his problem to the party, he wants to take his problem to his people, you can now see that Amaechi has a psychiatric problem” Wike said

“This your smartness is destroying institutions, enough is enough”

Wike used the occasion to throw more shade at Chibuike Amaechi whom he claimed was parading without a certificate to show he actually studied law.

“This boy who said he was in London to read Law, he spent eight years in London without getting a certificate”

“How is it possible to open your mouth and destroy those who have made a name, one lunatic can now stand up and attempt to destroy people’s name, I feel disappointed”

The rivers state governor at the rally also accused Chibuike Amaechi of shattering the hopes of people because he wants everything about the affairs of Rivers state to revolve around him.

Wike in his words stressed thus” it is only stupid people who will do your biddings and kill people for you because you want to control Rivers state”

The Rivers state governor also used the occasion to throw some shade on the APC National Chairman, Adams Oshiomhole for not helping to contain the crisis that rocked the ruling party.

“One thing with with Oshiomhole is that he thinks politics is labour union matter”

“If Oshiomhole was a good leader, would he not have intervened in the matter rocking his party, he is one of those who scattered the party”

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