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You slept with married men in London – Sarah Martins shades May Edochie


Nollywood actress, Sarah Martins, recently expressed her disapproval on her Facebook page regarding someone who allegedly traveled to London to engage in extramarital affairs.

Known for her tendency to criticize May Edochie, the first wife of actor Yul Edochie, Sarah Martins has previously voiced her opinions on the polygamous situation involving her friend, Judy Austin, and Yul Edochie.

In her latest Facebook post, the actress subtly targeted an individual whom she believes engaged in multiple affairs with married men while attempting to portray herself as a victim in her own marital situation.

She stated:

“It’s not right to pretend to be an angel while involving yourself with other people’s husbands! You fly off to London with someone else’s husband and then portray yourself as the victim! Dear Lord, expose all those who engage in such behavior.”


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