Young Man, 24 Impersonated His Alcoholic Father To Sleep With His Mother

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A bizarre story stumbled on by indicates that a young man from Orlando, Florida had been charged with over 10 counts of rape for impersonating his father to sleep with his unsuspecting stepmother.

Rob Johnson a 24-year- man confessed he had been sleeping with Tiffiny Rhodes-Johnson 35 for over a year by pretending to be his drunk father. Rob would put on his father’s dirty close and rinse his mouth with alcohol and stumble onto his stepmother’s bed and made to her.

his own confession, he said he usually wait for his dad to come . His father usually come after midnight during weekend and he wouldn’t even try to go upstairs, he would sleep on couch and that’s when Rob he would off his jacket or t-shirt and head upstairs to his place main bedroom.

Tiffiny said she did suspect a thing because Rob also coping with his father’s hairstyle and way he grows his beard. She also said she never switched on lights because if she does would her a long time to fall asleep again.

“My always wakes up early whether he slept drunk or so never knew he had been sleeping on couch on weekends”

caught him because he shaved his pubes and my didn’t. asked him did he shave and he told me he thought would like and that until the next day when my actual slept with me he had pubes.”