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Your Tenure Was Never A Success Story, Okorocha Replies Ohakim


By Teddy Nwanunobi

Abuja (Sundiata Post) — Imo State Governor, Rochas Okorocha, on Wednesday, challenged his predecessor, Ikedi Ohakim, to quit criticising his administration, but to tell the story of his governorship of the State, if it is worth telling.

Okorocha’s challenge came on the heels of Ohakim’s latest letter to Okorocha entitled, ‘Still on the trend of events in our state’, and in which Ohakim asked the rhetoric question: Who will bell the cat?

Okorocha, who felt that it would amount to a waste of precious time responding to Ohakim’s letter, however pointed out that Ohakim should not have resorted to a campaign of calumny, if he (Ohakim) meant well.

“He (Ohakim) should have been coming to meet with his successor to discuss issues as stakeholders in the State,” Okorocha said through his Chief Press Secretary, Sam Onwuemeodo.

Okorocha reminded Ohakim that his outing as a governor was not a good story.

“When he wrote the first letter, and raised certain issues, we responded by publishing the monumental achievements of Rochas Okorocha in less than six years as governor, which took several pages, and we were able to name the projects and their locations, and also took that opportunity to show that Chief Ohakim’s outing, as governor, was never a success story.

“He never reacted to say we had told lies because he knew we were on the sides of truth and posterity,” he pointed out.

Okorocha warned that his administration will only respond to any former governor, who has the story of achievements to tell.

“Again, we have decided not to be replying any former governor, who cannot say what he did with his governorship in the State.

“We are fond of talking about our achievements, and we can only be replying anybody, who has the story of achievements to tell,” he challenged.

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