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Yul Edochie is taking revenge on May – Georgina Onuoha


Georgina Onuoha, a respected actress, has expressed her belief that Yul Edochie’s recent public display with Judy is a form of retaliation against his wife, May Edochie.

Yul Edochie, along with his second wife, Judy Austin, has been grabbing attention due to their series of dramatic videos posted on their Facebook page.

In one of the recent videos, Yul Edochie shared a clip in which Judy Austin can be heard in the background praising and singing songs of adoration for the actor. Alongside the video, Yul Edochie advised women to emulate his wife by showering their husbands with praise.

Onuoha, visibly annoyed by the video and its accompanying caption, took to the comment section and expressed her thoughts:

“When you witness a shattered man, rejected by a woman he continuously calls and pleads with, displaying such foolishness and behaving despicably, it is an indication of weakness, pain, and a fragile masculinity that has been wounded.

What you are witnessing here is a wounded man who has inflicted harm upon himself and is now seeking revenge and seeking validation from a despicable woman. Being rejected by a good woman undoubtedly inflicts deep emotional pain.

Look at how low he has stooped.”

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