Yummie: 5 Tips For Maintaining Mental And Physical Health While At Home

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We’re living in a whole new world and this one involves working remotely from home (for non-essential businesses). We are all doing our part to keep our friends, family, neighbors – everyone – safe by staying home. But that doesn’t mean work just stops. It just means the environment in which we do our work has changed.

If you’re not used to working from the comfort your own home (perks include saving money on gas or bus fare and wearing your favorite loungewear whenever you want), here are some tips on how to stay healthy and happy when balancing your work-home life.

Create a schedule.

Whether it’s an hour-by-hour account your workday with scheduled breaks or a loose outline of your work plan, sure you have some kind of structure to your day. A calendar or day planner would be a great tool to keep track of your schedule, including lunchtime, phone meetings, and even breaks.

Designate a workspace.

space for yourself in a home office or even your dining room table. Basically anywhere in your home that has good lighting, low noise level, and minimal distractions will work. A designated space will help you keep everything you for the work day nearby and will keep your mindset to at hand.

Don’t skip breakfast, lunch or dinner.

It’s easy to skip a meal or two because you keep thinking that you’ll get to it (with your kitchen only a few feet away). Remember, food fuels the body, gives you energy, and helps you stay focused. To avoid skipping meals, schedule times for meals throughout the day. If you have the opposite problem, and you notice you are constantly snacking, try to schedule mealtimes (and sticking to them) and drink lots water to keep you feeling fuller longer.

time for exercise.

Add working out to your schedule. It will help you relax and lower stress (something more us may be experiencing during this pandemic). For an added bonus to improve your health, create an upbeat playlist to listen to when you’re working out. Music can elevate your mood and offer a nice distraction to what’s on the news.

Separate work and play.

When creating your schedule, sure to have a clear start and end time to your workday so you are not letting work interfere with “you” time or “family” time. You need time to turn off work so you can focus on your mental and physical health, as well as bond with your family. It may be hard to do this since work and family time are done in the same space, but try your best to turn off your work computer and only answer emails and work calls during your scheduled work hours.