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Zigzag Nation blazes trail with unique online empowerment programmes


Burgeoning online universe with origins in Nigeria and roots all over Africa, the Zigzag Nation, has commenced a detailed, systematic and rewarding empowerment programme for Nigerians. The focus of this first phase of an all-encompassing empowerment programme for Nigerians is three-fold; quick and easy access to finance for businesses, job creation and self-employment. These three are forerunners that will be followed by programmes that will pivot on Wealth Creation, Savings Culture and Financial Independence.

In line with its Afrocentric stance, this empowerment programme will subsequently be open to African youths as Zigzag Nation embodies a cross-pollination of different African people of positive vibrations under one nation. Though global in outlook and orientation, the Zigzag Nation remains, for now, an African platform for people of different cultures to showcase their talents. The platform would enhance freedom to borderless trade between Africans.

To be a prospective beneficiary of either the current self-employment or job creation programmes, Zigzag Nation will provide a dedicated phone number to be activated on its platform which provides a security and a three way authentication in order for an e-wallet to be given. This means even those who are financially excluded can now enter into the financial ecosystem. Towards this end, a 9mobile phone number will be assigned to the prospect who will in turn visit any 9moble centre to activate the phone number. Each member will have a very attractive bundle to give easy and low cost communication in the community. Each member will also be encouraged to invite all their friends and family members to be part of the programme so that they can call them with almost unlimited calls and have data for their online business. Parts of the special benefits derivable from this alliance with 9mobile include unlimited calls to all members, 1.5GB data and 3-way authentication for security.

After the activation, the prospective beneficiary has almost completed his or her set up for the Zigzag “passport”, which gives access to many financial benefits. The focus group of beneficiaries remains the Youths, Students, Merchants, Artisans, Workers and a host of others. Every active member will be allocated an e-wallet combining a personal savings account and an expenses account with a debit card attached to the expense account. The member would choose or form his or her own group or community with up to twenty persons he invited to Zigzag Nation.

On full commencement, each group will set up their exclusive Savings group chat box showing all members, their status, total amount pooled, and access to borrow funds in less than one minute. The group members will also have access to start-up funds after one year of membership. The Savings – Ésusu/Ajo/Adashe group chat is available for each group where their meeting is conducted and information made available to members of that group.  Through Savings with notable banks that are financial partners of Zigzag Nation, each individual Savings is assured up to 10% per annum interest as a starting rate. After 6 months, each member can avail themselves of daily, weekly or monthly loans depending on the business model. An expenditure account will also be made available and each beneficiary will be given a virtual card.

Other additional benefits accruable to members of the Zigzag Online community will include unfettered access to the Zigzag online education library, opening by September, to upscale the skills of beneficiaries in the spheres of loans, business and Enterprise set up.

To be part of the Zigzag nation, a prospect is required to download the Zigzag app on Google Play store, Apple App Store or at www.zigzagnation.net. Register with his picture and NYSC/National identity card, get the ZZN SIM card, get the e-wallet and ask financially responsible friend and family to join in a Ésusu group.

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