Zulum:Some Boko Haram militants are white men, Asians and Christians

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(Sundiata Post) -. Borno State governor, Babagana Zulum, said there are white men, Asians and Christians in the ranks of Boko .

Boko is seeking to establish an Islamic caliphate in Nigeria.

For over a decade, Borno and states in the north-east have suffered attacks from Boko insurgents, where thousands have been killed and over two people displaced.

While speaking at the 17th Gani Fawehinmi annual lecture in , Zulum said the security challenge in Borno poses a danger to every part of the country and everybody must come together to fight it.

“I’m from Borno state, and many of our are into Boko Haram. I’m denying the fact. But again, they are being sponsored by many people across the world. Among Boko Haram, we have white men, Asians, Africans, Muslims and Christians,” he said.

“Throughout northern Nigeria, particularly Borno state, a committee is working on how to reform the system of education. We want to streamline the non-formal and formal education sectors to avail those basic literacy and numeracy skills so they can stand on their own. And we are in of street begging.

“We must seeing this insurgency as a problem of the north. The distance between Borno state and is about 1,700km, but mind you if Borno state is peaceful, parts of the nation will never be peaceful. We have to unite and fight these insurgents. We have seen what happened in Libya, Iraq and countries. building and social cohesion are very important in strengthening the resilience of our communities.

“Unless we get rid of nepotism, tribalism and exploitation of religion, we will not get it right in this country. The is very clear on the need for peaceful coexistence among all of us, which is why the principle of federal character is enshrined in the , but it has been abused.”

There have been calls for the creation of state to help with internal security, but the governor said he does not the idea, arguing that it will further polarise an already fragile system and weaken .

”For the sake of , I will not advise the creation of state . It’s not yet for us to have it, but as goes on, the idea of having state is very good. I’m entitled to my opinion,” he said.