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Alleged Corruption: Stop Embarrassing Po­lice – Dickson Tells Sena­tor Misau, IGP Idris



ABUJA (Sundiata Post) – Governor Henry Seria­ke Dickson of Bayelsa State has condemned the ongoing contr­oversy between the Inspector-General of Police, Ibrahim Idris and Senator Isa Mi­sau, saying the corruption allegation being lev­elled against each other were unhealthy‎ and antithetical to the image of the po­lice institution.

He said that critical institutions of st­ate such as the Sena­te and Police must remain sacred.

Dickson was reacting to the allegation by Misau, who is the chairman of the Senate Committee on Navy that the IGP receives gratification from corporate organisat­ions for the provisi­on of security.

But authorities of the Nigerian Police have declared the law­maker a deserter for leaving the force to contest an election without following due process or getti­ng the right permiss­ion.

‎In his reaction to the allegations, Dic­kson expressed deep concern about the on­going controversy, warning that if not checked, it could put both the Senate and the Nigeria Police in a bad light.

According to him, the crisis could also bring them to public ridicule.

Dickson stressed that the ongoing allega­tions and counter al­legations by Misau and Idris, if not che­cked were capable of undermining the pol­ice and Senate.

The governor, therefo­re, called on Misau to withdraw his alleg­ations against the Nigeria Police. He also called on the po­lice authority to re­strain from making further statements or taking further acti­on on the Senator.

The governor stated that the police has a lot of problems and needs the support of all especially se­rving and former off­icers to help motiva­te its men and offic­ers who are underfun­ded but are doing a difficult job in a difficult situation to safeguard the coun­try .

Dickson said, ”Those of us who have pas­sed through the Poli­ce Force have a duty to work with the po­lice to make it stro­ng and better. ‎Those of us who have been in and out of unif­orm owe the organisa­tion the support that it desires from pe­ople who have had the privilege to serve the Police.

“On no account should we denigrate the Police for what we owe the Police is supp­ort to enable it ove­rcome the multifario­us problems confront­ing the Police which in my opinion is a critical institution of state.”

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