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Published by Sundiata Post Media Limited, Sundiata Post is Nigeria’s most authoritative online newspaper and ranks among the top five online news platforms in Nigeria.

Sundiata Post is an independent, non-partisan online newspaper that owes no allegiance to any interest group whether political, social or cultural. Rather, with head office in Abuja, Nigeria’s Federal Capital Territory and offices in London and Washington DC, we are a continental news platform that seeks to present news and issues about Africa and Africans in the Diaspora from an African perspective. Specifically, our major objective is to take Nigeria and Africa to the world and bring the world to Nigeria and Africa through balanced news reporting and informed commentary. Put differently, our mandate is to report Nigeria, Africa and the World in that order.

Our core values, which we cherish dearly and guard jealously, are democracy, good governance, free enterprise and the promotion of a just and egalitarian society in Nigeria and Africa.