Boko Haram’s new target?

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LAGOS name has become one that inspires fear in countless Nigerians owing to its years of brutal yet frequently executed terror attacks across West African country. Serious as it might be, to people living in , it has always been a distant issue. Important but never quite on the forefront as the group has always restricted it’ attacks to the north.
It however seems to be extending its inhumane tentacles towards economy looming target. Before now, the primary victims of the attacks have been residents of these areas especially the Christians but about two months ago, sent its first terror scare to the commercial capital of Nigeria, Lagos.
Lagos is one of the most populous cities in the world approximately 20.5 million people residing in the busy metropolis. Although one’ first thought might be that the group picked Lagos for this figure, the group ignored any of the city’ populous malls or markets in its first attempt at an attack. The initial attack occurred at Apapa which is home to the busiest port in West Africa.At first, the attack was ruled an accidental but shortly after, leader of the sect then came forward to claim responsibility for the attack.[eap_ad_2]
Earlier this week, a suspected member of the group was arrested at the Nigerian Airspace Management Agency (NAMA) in Lagos. The physically challenged suspected was apprehended when the conspicuous looking canisters hung around neck attracted the attention of officers nearby. Upon apprehension, the suspect is alleged to have confessed to have been assigned, along other colleagues, to bomb various parts of the city. The targets included the Murtala International Airport – West Africa’ busiest – and other economically strategic locations in the state.
Recent occurrences further suggest a shift in strategy, with the sect deemed to be taking a more active interest in the country’s economic assets rather a radical onslaught on civilians. If these attacks had proven successful, a massive blow would have been dealt the country’s image, particularly dampening investors’ interest in committing fortunes to Africa’s largest economy.
It has been rumoured that this strategic shift is aimed at assuring a greater impact in the country’s dealing, as placing the economy on stand will place its actions at the forefront of the government’s thinking. It has also been alleged that the group is using this as a more visible platform to achieve goals.  (VENTURES AFRICA)[eap_ad_3]