Brazilian president again tests positive for COVID-19

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Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has again tested positive for -19, country’ Communications Ministry said on Wednesday.

65-year-old is in good health, the ministry told dpa by email.

“Bolsonaro has no fever and his breathing, heartbeat and blood pressure are normal,’’ Brazil reported.

The positive test result at least the third for the far-right populist president, who for months downplayed the severity of the and still advocates keeping the economy open.

Bolsonaro is currently working from his residence. Several of his ministers have also been diagnosed with -19.

Brazil recorded 41,008 new coronavirus and 1,367 deaths in the last 24-hour count, bringing the total to nearly 2.2 million infections and 81,487 deaths.

The real figures are believed to be far higher due to insufficient testing.

Brazil is the country most affected by -19, after the U. S.

“However, the infections no longer appear to be increasing as rapidly as before,’’ the World Health Organisation (WHO) said recently.