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Charly Boy under attack for telling youths to revolt against Nigeria


Charly Boy, the renowned Nigerian musician and supporter of Peter Obi, Labour presidential candidate, has stirred up controversy with his recent call for Nigerian youths to rise up and revolt against the country.

Drawing inspiration from the unrest in France, where riots have broken out after the tragic killing of a 17-year-old by a policeman, Charly Boy urged Nigerian youth to take a similar stand against the system they perceive as failing them.

Comparing the situation in France to Nigeria, Charly Boy posted a video showcasing the fiery chaos in parts of Paris, highlighting how a small percentage of the population could bring down entire cities.

He suggested that it was time for the exceptional Nigerian youth to take control of their own destinies and fight against a system that they believe has let them down.

However, the post received mixed reactions, with over 500 comments pouring in.

Many expressed resentment towards Charly Boy, criticizing him for advocating violent actions.

One commenter challenged the artiste to let his children lead the movement, pointing out that preaching hatred and violence would not positively impact the country.

Others emphasized that the responsibility to bring about change lies with the current generation of Nigerian youths and urged Charly Boy not to incite violence.

Even the Director of Media and Publicity for the Tinubu/Shettima Campaign, Bayo Onanuga criticized Charly Boy’s statements on Twitter, calling them “highly irresponsible” and calling for authorities to intervene.

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