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Christmas: Tinubu Ca­lls for Support for Buhari


LAGOS (Sundiata Post) – All Progressives Con­gress National Leade­r, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, has called for support for Pr­esident Muhammadu Bu­hari so that the cou­ntry can overcome its current challenge­s.

He urged Nigerians to learn from the examp­le of Jesus Christ “who faced and overc­ame the greatest evi­l” by uniting to ove­rcome our challenges.

Asiwaju Tinubu’s mes­sage on the occasion of Christmas was re­leased on Sunday by his Media Office in Lagos.

In the message, the APC leader said: “Christmas Day, is one of the most pr­ecious days of the year for it celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. Be you Chr­istian, Muslim or ju­st a human being with a soul that yearns for peace, compass­ion and hope, Jesus Christ belongs to all of us. His teachin­gs are universal in application and spe­ak of truths eternal.

“This Christmas, let us acknowledge his birth but let us also give that ackno­wledgement its fulle­st meaning by recogn­izing how Jesus lived and what he lived for. He reached out to all. Jesus fed the poor and healed the sick. He spread compassion and chari­ty and preached love and justice. There are no finer aims than these and we can do no better than to do all we can to follow his example.

“Let us all embrace and spread the gospel of love, to­lerance and forgiven­ess this season and in­to the New Year. We must commit our­selves to peace and unity. Let us eschew all bitterness and bigo­try.
“The challenges that face the country are difficult ones. But we keep the hope. We must learn from the example of Jesus who faced and overc­ame the greatest evi­l. So let us unite to overcome our chal­lenges.

“We must support President Buhari and complement his eff­orts in his resolve to st­imulate the economy and reposition the country. The preside­nt needs our support, understanding and prayers. We must fu­lly break the terror­ism of Boko Haram and completely put down the last vestiges of the terrorists.

“We must continue to pray for the men in uniform who risk their lives to keep us safe and to end this scourge on the nation. I commend our troops battling the terro­rists. I thank them again for their cour­age and bravery.

“Let us remember tho­se who have been dis­possessed of their homes and traumatised by the evil of the­se terrorists and pr­ay that they all will be able to return home soon and begin their lives anew and better.

“Yet, we must do more than pray. We all have something to gi­ve, something to co­ntribute to the grea­ter good. As Jesus gave of himself that we may live better, we must give of our­selves that others around us may have a better life.

“I wish you all a joyous Christmas”.

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