Delta govt seals 10 firms over N55m tax debt

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WARRI – The Board of Internal Revenue (DBIR) on Wednesday sealed 10 Warri and its environs for failing to remit N55 million personal income tax to the state .

The affected are three schools, one oil servicing firm, four hospitals and two companies.

The management of the board said that would continue to enforce tax on the taxpayers “until there is a convincing level of tax compliance.”

Speaking to newsmen at the end of the , the Legal Aide to the Chairman of DBIR, Mr Clark Ekpebe said would be a continuous .

Ekpede said that the board was determined to recover every tax owed the state , and tax defaulters to remit their liabilities or risk closure of their .

“We have been emphasising that we take advantage of any taxpayer the state at the same , we ensure every kobo belonging to the is remitted into the ’s coffers.

“So the question is whether is a big or small, it remit to the state coffers every kobo due to it,” he said.

Ekpede taxpayers to remit their taxes promptly to enable the government to provide more social amenities to the populace.

Some staff of the affected agencies, spoke with newsmen claimed they were aware of the order served on them before the enforcement.

Others said that there was a mix up somewhere and vowed to sort it out with their . (NAN