e-commerce brand, Tosanonline.com rewards customers with ₦50,000

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By SundiataPOST,

Nigerians get a rewarding reason to shop online in October as a e-commerce platform, Tosanonline.com has announced a promotion.
A statement made available to SundiataPOST by Red Media said users the site have a chance to win ₦50,000 for shopping on the site – www.tosanonline.com – this month.
The statement quoted  Adeniyi Babalola, CEO the company as saying, “At Tosan Online, we are focused on the customer. We are a platform for small, medium and large as well as individuals to sell or used products and goods to millions buyers for free and have these products delivered to the doorsteps of customers – from selling off old shoes to buying new toys for the kids.
“But beyond that, we are passionate about the customer experience – ensuring it’s as seamless, and efficient as possible. It’s not for us, the volume as much as it is the satisfaction the customer feels when everything goes right.
“All you have to do is visit www.tosanonline.com, sign in, choose an item from the wide range products from cosmetics, clothing, electronics, accessories and you instantly stand a chance of winning ₦50,000.”