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Getaway locations to thrill your this Christmas

Whether or not you have kept last year’s New Year’s resolution, the year is once again coming to an end. As John Ciardi once quoted, “The day will happen, whether or not you get up”. Whether or not you are prepared for it, Christmas is just around the corner with festivities befitting this season. It’s time to look back, reflect on failures and successes of the last 365 days and get ready for a fresh, new start; New Year’s resolutions will not last you long. From the pristine shores of the East African Coast to the bewitching beauty of world’s oldest desert Namib, and Kalahari Highway, Jovago.com, Africa’s leading Online Hotel Booking Site lists down the most exciting Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties to attend.
Zimbabwe: Victoria falls carnival
“Nothing beats having a party within a strolling distance of a UNESCO World Heritage Site” Blogger/reveler, Vic Falls 2013
Lauded by CNN as one of the top African Music Festivals, The Jameson Vics Carnival no doubt lives up to the title. Founded in 2012, Vic Falls Carnival lived up and beyond its predecessor-reaching heights beyond its spectacular setting. This three day New-Years party is set on the backdrop of the thundering white smoke of Victoria Falls and the national heritage park.
The carnival kicks off on December 29th with a memorable steam train safari ride, deep into the African bush where revelers will be treated to an electrifying five hour party with South Africa’s finest DJs. Day two marks a festival of colors by the falls, while day three, that is the last day of the year, will host a “party amid the smoke that thunders” with big names such as Oliver Mtukudzi to keep party goers on their toes. On top of terrific parties in different venues, social initiatives and fun activities, the infectious sound of catchy, electro pop and Zimbo will be presented by such legends such like Pluto, Raphael, Beateberg, and Winky D and the legend South African Superstars Goldfish Live.
The fairy in Zanzibar
Globally renowned for its euphoric full moon parties, its unfortunate we shall have to wait until the end of 2015 to have a full moon party on Christmas. Not to worry though, Zanzibar promises end of year festivities with memories to carry you through till then! The natural beauty of this coastal archipelago off the Indian Ocean is purely splendid. You can chose to have a grand celebration on the coral ridge of Chumbe Island colonized by regal open fires and barbecues to create a family friendly atmosphere. If you are looking to dance till you drop, join the disc men in the old town for a groove of the year. Still, lovers longing for intimacy may consider moving further from the madding crowds and jolly families to create their own moments on the less crowded beaches. You might also want to consider marking the end in edgy style by snorkeling, joining a fishing expedition, exploring the Marine Park, or making a trip to the Pemba Oil Distilleries.
Namib desert rave in the dunes
For the truly adventurous, it’s time to get your 4WDs and trucks dusted. One of the greatest desert parties takes place in Namibia’s West Coast beach resort of Swakopmund, about 280 kilometers from Windhoek. The rave and laser shows take place in the middle of the dunes which seem to rise and advance towards each other forming a natural amphitheater. A large attraction for the South African region Amphies (as the locals refer to the party) offers a much needed change from the usual rave live.
The party takes place on the eve of the New Year and continues throughout the morning. You can consider touring Namibia by booking a safari, skydiving, desert exploration (be sure to catch the stunning colors of the dunes during sunset/rise), and spotting Africa’s small five (Namibia’s creeping desert wildlife) days ahead of the rave.
Otherwise, blaze yourself for the biggest desert party in Africa; pack your stuff light and right, extra tubes of sunscreen, sun glasses, a hat, and put your best party foot forward!
Kenyan coast
The Kenyan Coast has from time immemorial scored as not just Kenyans’ favorite holiday destination; its verified world over. What many may not know, is that there are extremely exquisite and delightful beaches beyond Mombasa. For instance, you could try something new and visit the Shimba Hills this season. The location is not only favorable for wildlife spotting (elephants, antelopes, bird species etc.) but also presents good opportunities for African bush expeditions, dinners, and parties. Shimba comes with the advantage of proximity to the ocean (about 33 kilometers), thus you can enjoy both experiences in a single holiday. All you need to do is choose a good location, and keep time on your itinerary.
Voted as Africa’s Best Destination of the Year in the 21st World Travel Awards, Diani will not disappoint. Located about 30 kilometers from Mombasa, the 10 km stretch of white sands, breaking waves, and magnificent baobabs comes with access of an airstrip, thus easing travel. Activities include various water sports, nature walks, and visiting the nearby Kisite Marine Park. Diani is a renowned world destination and has assorted accommodation ranging from backpacking and camping sites, cottages, and five star hotels.
On the other hand, Lamu clings tightly to her unadulterated culture; making it Kenya’s oldest living town and best preserved Swahili settlement in the East African Region. Her idyllic setting, reserved culture, and laid back demeanor makes Lamu ideal for tourists who yearn for a break from daily bustles associated with civilization and technology. Other destinations worth checking out this break include the popular Mombasa old town, Malindi, and Watamu.  (VENTURES AFRICA)
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