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Kid escapes from kidnappers den in Lagos


A case of kidnapping was reported to the police by the parents of a boy named Bola Kazeem, a minor aged eight, but was set free by a good Samaritan named Kenny Osagie Ovbokhan, who is now at large.

According to the statements gathered from the minor who was later found by his parents in Mushin Olosa, Lagos, he said he was selling plantain chips on the street when a man called him to enter a house along a street he could not remember.

“Having sold some chips to the man, I could not find my way out of the house again but after some minutes, I lost memory of what happened.

Thereafter, I found myself in a locked-up room in the man’s house. It was there I overheard him discussing with some people who are suspected kidnappers or ritualists.”

Speaking further, he stated that “it was on the second day of my capture that a man who told me his name was Kenny Osagie Ovbokhan entered the apartment and asked me what I was doing there.

Noticing that I must have been kidnapped, he then promised to free me from the kidnappers’ custody, which he did the night of the second day.

He told me his name and asked for my address and led me out and disappeared into the night.

“The case was reported to the police in Mushin Olosa by my parents.”

The Nation was at Mushin Olosa Police Station to confirm the incident. There, Sergeant Jerry Osagie said the matter was reported and they were trying to locate the den of the kidnappers in order to arrest them.

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