Lawyers kick against creation of more states

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LAGOS – Some prominent in Lagos kicked against creation of 18 more states in .

Delegates at the National Conference had recently endorsed creation of the states in addition to the existing 36 states.

The told NAN in separate  interviews that the recommendation was not in the best interest of at this point in .

Mr Onyekachi Ubani, a former Chairman of the Ikeja Branch of the Nigerian Bar (NBA), said that more states would be an additional burden to the nation.

Ubani said: “The recommendation to create 18 additional states is very unnecessary.

“Some of the existing states cannot sustain the running of governance without recourse to the for assistance.’’

He argued that for creation of one more state in the Zone should be the basis of economic viability.

“The state must show that it is economically viable. If it does not satisfy this condition, then, there is no need for its creation,” Ubani said.

Also, Mr Taiwo Taiwo, a former Chairman, NBA, Lagos Branch, said that most of the states were dependent subventions from the to survive.


“Personally, I think the issue of states’ creation should go beyond . There is really no need to create additional states,” Taiwo said.

Mr Adetokunbo Mumuni, Executive Director, Socio-Economic and Accountability Project (SERAP), a civil group, said that the confab should have recommended return to regionalism.

Mumuni said: “Creation of 18 more states will take several steps backward. That suggestion is not well thought out.

“SERAP’s position is for merging of the existing states and a return to regionalism, whereby every region is able to survive on its own with generated from its environment.”

Another lawyer, Mr Wale Ogunade, also supported return to regional .

“When we had only three regions, Nigeria was developing rapidly, and the regions competing with each other.

“They should have recommended merger of states instead of creation of additional ones.” (NAN)