Orange to improve internet connectivity in West Africa

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With its first very large-capacity IP Point Presence (PoP) in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivory, Orange,   world leading , has come in to internet connectivity in West Africa and also facilitate expansion of African IP Market.
The facility is set to enhance internet connectivity in the sub-region by offering faster connection speeds and improved reliability for wholesale customers. An IP Point Presence is part the technical infrastructure equipment to enable local networks to access the internet through an interconnection point with long-distance carrier networks.
As a guarantee for a congestion-free service and increase reliability, the city Abidjan also hosts a landing point for the ACE submarine cable, a 17,000km-long cable which runs down the west coast Africa Europe.[eap_ad_2]  This makes an ideal location for the IP PoP facility and allows for optimal connectivity with networks across the entire region.
This new facility allows Orange to offer high quality, secure connections the wholesale market to West African countries. the medium and long term, the Abidjan IP PoP will facilitate the expansion of the African IP Market, which is an area of rapidly growing activity that sees internet traffic rising at a rate of 41percent per year.
By connecting to this very large-capacity PoP, wholesale customers, regional and Internet Service Providers will benefit cost-effective connections to a Tier 1 operator. In addition, the customer experience will be improved because this connection point will bring content providers closer to internet users.
Orange is a major internet connectivity enabler and already has a strong position in Africa, where capacity is constantly increasing. The company’ objective is to adapt to changes in the industry and become the leading operator in the internet era.[eap_ad_3]