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Our children in the hands of Peter Obi, By Bola Adewara

Peter Obi

Yesterday, my daughter in the university came home and I went to pick her at the Park. She was with some of her university mates. They read my posts on whatsapp and get copies of E-life in their university library.

Immediately they saw me, they were elated as they alighted from the vehicle and bombarded me with questions:
”Daddy, who are you voting for? The ancestors or the future of Nigeria?”

I was shocked. They were all expectant. I saw it on their faces. Of course, I knew what they meant by ancestors and future. I decided to shock them so I could hear them out. I said, I am voting either Atiku or Tinubu.
“Ooooooohhh”…. they all echoed at once with bitter disappointment, trying to disperse. You need to see the expression of their utter disappointment. They were so unhappy and I was mortified. My daughter was so crestfallen.

A girl amongst them came forward and faced me, with brazen seriousness on her face: ‘Daddy, Daddy, see ehn, you are one of the people killing Nigeria. These people who have destroyed Nigeria to this level, you want to join them to destroy our future! All of you are in your 50s, 60, and 70. You have spent the better part of you lives, now you want to destroy ours. We won’t allow your generation to ruin us. We will rescue ourselves from you all. The only person who can do it, the only person we see sincerity in him is Peter Obi. All of us have resolved in our universities to go and get our PVC and we will stay at the polling booths so that no one can steal our votes. We will also work on our parents not to destroy our future by voting these ancestors. Daddy, we won’t read E-life in our library again until you promise us here that you will vote Peter Obi.’ She said and moved back to walk away.

Haaa!! You won’t read E-life again ke? Kilagbe? Kileju? I beg read o. Kia kia. I complied. I told them I was just pulling their legs. I am Obi-dient o. Immediately. Ma koba mi.

Getting home yesterday, my daughter started with me. ”Daddy, are you serious that you will vote these people?’ I did not answer her. Memories of yesterday gushing through me. She said I should open my WhatsApp and she would forward ”some thoughts-provoking videos” to me now now.

I did and all the videos we see of Peter Obi began to fall in. These are the videos these children are sharing in their universities. Peter Obi has swept these children o! I am so glad. Somebody praise the Lord.

I pray that their generation will not limit their efforts to the South West, South South, and South East alone. I want them to also think of the North.

I have not seen much Obi-mania in the north. If you and I can assist Obi, to reach all the universities, polytechnics, colleges of education, nursing schools, etc and these children could prevail on their parents like they did on me yesterday, we will take back Nigeria from these… these… ancestors! 😝😝

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