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The Slow Holocaust in Rivers State -Ernest Uzoho


There is no single doubt about this, that the whole of Portharcourt and Rivers State at large are under a gas chamber blanketed by a horrible sulphuric soot, and we are inhaling this gases in a very deadly large quantity, and we all may die slowly of cancers and or critical lung malfunctions.

A few, years ago, as a Petroleum Engineer, I carried out a project with my MD who is a professor, and a few other scientists. It was to test the impact of soot in the Ogba-Egbema axis, I tell you the truth, what we found in the atmosphere, detected by our machines was nothing but POISONS at large quantity.

Then we thought, it was just for that axis only , but now by the obvious envelop of dark gases we have found ourselves in Portharcourt, we all are dying slowly and one by one.

Two years ago, I travelled to Zaria and bought white doves all imported from Spain. They looked like heavenly beings in the sky , on trees and on house tops and windows where they perch. Three months after they stayed with me in Portharcourt, they turned dirty ash, with black soot all over their former immaculate wings.


The legs you see in this picture are the legs of my daughter, and the floor you see is the floor they sweep three times a day, and intentionally mop daily with soupy water. She asked the mother, referring to the soot ” if the one we can see is like this, what of the ones we cannot see that are working inside our bodies?

“We are in a gas chamber in Rivers State, dying of man-made fires; “kpo” fire, the avarice of human nature , and it’s height of lust without reason. The product of this kpo fires also KILL our high tech vehicles.

We all are taking it in, they are guming in our lungs , and our respiratory systems, with the assistance of covid,, five million people in Rivers State are at urgent risk of suffocation with poisonous cases ; while our killers make blood money with the kpo fire, and the government at the three levels stands aloof.

The greatest leader that will rise in rivers State will be the one that will deliver us all from this gas chamber, but he will really have to fight with dragons because the cartel that are killing us with this gas are more powerful than dragons.

State: Rivers state

Gov: Ezenwo Nyesom Wike

President: Muhammadu Buhari

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