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Ugo Onuoha: The Eagle has landed in another cycle



Ugo Onuoha

In Igbo cosmology, names matter. A lot. Naming is a delicate enterprise in Igboland. It’s taken seriously by Ndigbo because of their strong belief that names are tied to one’s destiny. Like in most societies, names in Igboland are subject to religious, philosophical, social, psychological and linguistic interpretations.
Take Ụgọchukwụ for instance. Ụgọ in Igbo means Eagle, the large bird of prey known for its domineering, strong-willed and independent nature. It symbolises excellence, honor, truth and loyalty. And when you add Chụkwụ (God) to the Ụgọ name, it accentuates its spiritual undertone. These are the spiritual and traditional meanings conferred on Ugo Onuoha, former managing director/editor-in-chief (of Champion Newspapers) at birth without his knowledge.

Today, this Eagle (Ugo) lands in a new year and a new age. Don’t ask me his age but I know he has been admitted into the exclusive elders club. My prayer is that he does not land in any trouble this year. Good health and God’s protection must land in his hands.

By the way, the popular saying – the Eagle has landed – is not original to me. It was first used by US astronaut Neil Armstrong in 1969 when the Eagle Lunar Lander landed in Moon for the first time and Neil triumphantly announced that the “Eagle has landed”. Idiomatically, the expression is commonly used to indicate that someone or something has arrived; successful completion of a mission (a cycle).
And so has Ugo Onuoha, a fine journalist, distinguished editor and accomplished media administrator. May your days be long in good health.

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