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Z3 Signals Blackberry’s comeback

The Z3 signals Blackberry’s intent to battle it out for a return to the Tech- top. Mr Asinugo revealed the company’s plan to launch Blackberry Passport and Blackberry Classic in September and November respectively. “We have engineered the new strategy to stabilize the company”, he declared, “We are capitalizing on our traditional strengths in security and enterprise to return blackberry to growth and for stability. We listened to our customers both in Nigeria and worldwide and engineered the new strategy to stabilize the company. While also leveraging our Q and X embedded business to focus on future growth opportunities in machine to machine communication”.
Blackberry is also finally posting positive figures, with a $966 million 1st Quarter revenue the Blackberry’s Territory Director happily announced “we are no longer bleeding, we are beginning to recover!” “Significant progress is been made to return blackberry to growth and profitability”, he added, going further to give a timeline -2016, to return Blackberry to the summit of the Tech industry.
Africa Crucial to Blackberry’s Recovery
To achieve the 2016 target, Blackberry confesses, Africa is crucial. Answering to Ventures Africa’s Can Africa Save Blackberry? Mr Asinugo sounded a very big yes “Africa can save Blackberry”, and Nigeria the focal point. “The Nigerian market is one of the strategic markets for Blackberry, and we hope it will help return us to profitability. The appetite for mobile devices is enormous in Nigeria; we also see a lot of opportunities both on the device itself and the applications”.
So, the million dollar question becomes, Can Blackberry regain its lost followership? We may not know that answer now, but the Z3– how it performs in the market –will give us a clue. And that clue lies in Africa, Nigeria especially. (VENTURES AFRICA)
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