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2019 polls: Shehu Sani urges CAN to focus on preaching peace, unity


By Shuaib Sadiq


Kaduna –  Sen. Shehu Sani, representing Kaduna Central in the Senate, on Wednesday enjoined the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) to focus its preaching on peace and unity ahead of 2019 general elections.

Sani, who made the appeal in Kaduna while addressing CAN members, Kaduna Central Chapter, stressed that the leadership of the association must intensify its effort to ensure unity and peaceful coexistence among Nigerians.

He said that the CAN leadership should not allow itself to be blinded by political parties, but be guided by their conscience, noting that partisan politics had divided Nigeria more than religious differences.

“There is a duty for all leaders of both Islamic and Christian faiths to work for the peace, justice and unity of this country; this is a moral burden on all the leaders irrespective of their political parties,’’ the senator said.

He also expressed concern over the current security challenges facing Kaduna Central Senatorial District.

“The bloodshed and killings going on in Birnin Gwari, Chikun, Kajuru, Igabi and other parts of the country is worrisome and condemnable.”

“Nigeria’s security and stability is under serious threat,” he added, stressing that “in the North-East there is a violence threat by the insurgents that have continued to unleash attacks on innocent citizens.

“In the North-Central part of Nigeria, herdsmen and militias have become agents of the evil killings, unleashing terror on innocent citizens.’’

He noted with concern that hundreds of people in Zamfara communities were under siege for quite sometimes.

“It may not be wrong to say Nigeria is at the verge of war; we tell ourselves the truth by healing our wounds and we also heal our wounds by impressing on those who tell us the truth.

“We the elected politicians must be accountable and it is for the interest of all to continue to tell people in the position of power the bitter truth not people who are sycophants that tell you lies.

“It is for the interest of the common man on the street that we work for the continuity of this country,’’ the senator said.

According to him, when you said the truth it does not mean that one will go to prison or be killed.

“There is a moral burden to all men of conscience and conviction to unburden their hearts and speak to the people in position of power what they need to hear to heal them and remove the cataracts in their eyes.

“It is only when the country remains in peace that our nation will make meaning to the citizens.

“National flags, National Anthem and National pledge do not unite a nation but justice, sense of belonging, fairness and objectivity for people of different backgrounds,’’ Sani said.

He urged the CAN leadership in the zone to parley with all politicians seeking elective offices to tell electorate how they would address these issues ahead of 2019 general elections.

“Those in office should tell you what they have done to deserve the renewal of their mandates and those aspiring to be there should tell you what they want to do for you,’’ the senator said.

“It is your responsibility to either lead them to the path of better perspective or you lead them to the path of perdition by the kind of choices you make.

“You must know the people who want to be your leaders because you cannot marry your daughter to somebody you don’t know,’’ Sani said.

“CAN is indispensable in the political history and dynamics of Nigeria, it is an association that has established itself in the minds of the people.

“So, it is imperative for CAN to support its followers to choose the good leaders they desire,’’ he added.

Responding, the CAN Chairman Kaduna Central, Rev. Shokolo Kasuwa, commended Sani for his contributions to the senate.

“We are proud to say you are our leader. Your doggedness and fairness in saying the truth irrespective of the challenges, is commendable.

“For the past two years, areas of Chikun, Birnin Gwari, Giwa, Igabi and Kajuru cannot access their farmlands due security challenges of bandits and kidnappers.

“We call on you to use your influence to help us curtail some of these challenges in the zone.

“We assure you of our efforts to promote peace and unity among our people of different religions in Kaduna State,” the chairman said.



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