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2023 General Elections: Group urges Nigerians to avoid inducement by politicians



ABUJA- Godspeed Leadership and Mentorship Development Initiative (GLEMDI), on Friday urged Nigerians to avoid inducement by politicians and vote leaders with the ability of tackling the nation’s challenges.

Ms Ene Okwulu, Information Technology Officer, GLEMDI said this in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja .

According to Okwulu , citizens should take responsibility for the recycling of bad leadership over the years due to their inability to get involved fully and demand for accountability.

“We have survived various forms of leadership failures, economic hardship and political molestation yet citizens did not recognise their powers to place bad leaders in their rightful position.

“There is hope going forward as we experience attitudinal change from the quest to get voter’s cards registered, collection of voter cards, political education and electoral system enhancement among others.

“Citizens must be aware of gifts that are intended to manipulate their reasoning.

“The rice, garri and other consumables politician’s share to citizens during campaigns are aimed at insulting our sensibilities with no trace of the politicians after the campaigns.’’

According to Okwulu, the country has been ravaged by insecurity which is affecting its socio-economy, as Nigeria is faced with challenges of corruption, education and unemployment among others.

She said that Nigeria was not short of quality people with strong leadership abilities but for some reasons, people with remarkable integrity were scared of joining the political system because they feel the processes were corrupt, perverse and irredeemable.

She said it was important to support leaders who have set a trajectory for building lasting structures and policies that support human development.

“Until our perception of leadership, credibility, and accountability change, we are going to experience stunted growth and development.

“We continue to vote into power people who have criminal records, who have been found guilty of embezzling billions of naira, and who rigged elections to come into power.

“We need a firm leader who understands the challenges we are faced with and has the ability to build a solid foundation where government institutions will operate optimally and block all leakages leading to economic sabotage and system breakdown.’’

Okwulu urged Nigerians to use the opportunity presented to them in the 2023 general elections to make the right choice in the interest of the nation. (NAN)

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