35-year-old Nigerian woman dies in transit at Abu Dhabi airport

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Health Authority – Abu Dhabi (Haad), healthcare regulatory body in Emirate of Abu Dhabi, Sunday announced the of a 35-year old Nigerian who traveling from Nigeria India for of advanced metastatic cancer.

During transit phase at Abu Dhabi International Airport, health deteriorated and despite prompt assistance she could not be successfully resuscitated, Haad said in a , adding that noted at time of resuscitation that she had shown signs that be consistent with Ebola virus infection, although her existing condition provided an adequate explanation.[eap_ad_2]

”Full safety and precautionary measures have been taken by the medical staff who attended the according the (WHO) standards for dealing with suspected cases of infectious diseases,” the added.

”In addition, all contacts of the (her husband who the only person sitting next her the , and five medics who resuscitated her) are in isolation pending the result of Ebola testing the patient. They are all well with no symptoms,” Haad affirmed.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health assured the public that there is no risk to the community and that fellow passengers on the from Nigeria and in the airport were not at risk.[eap_ad_3]