Abba Kyari: Miyetti Allah say America’s FBI conniving with Southern leaders

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According to a report by the Daily Independent, the Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria (MACBAN) has claimed that the Federal Bureau of Investigation in the United States conspired with some southern to indict wanted officer Abba Kyari.

While reacting to news of Abba Kyari’s alleged involvement in a $1.1 million fraud, MACBAN also chastised the Northern Elders Forum (NEF) for failing to speak out against the Deputy Commissioner of ’s arrest warrant (DCP).

According to the National President of MACBAN, Dr Garus Gololo, at the weekend in Abuja, “it is a shame that the Northern Elders Forum and groups in the region would fold their hands and watch while sons of the north who have distinguished themselves in different fields are constantly being persecuted and maligned at the height of their careers.”

He regretted that while the US and some elements in the of Nigeria have connived to persecute “shining stars the region, stakeholders in the north have remained silent amid the crisis.”

Gololo also condemned allegations of Human Rights abuses against former Chief of Staff, Tukur Buraitai, adding that “once they see that you’re a shining star, and that you’re the North, they will want to finish you completely.”

“The United States is the most dis-honest country in the world. What they are doing to Kyari, they did it to Al Gore.

Let him stand firmly and defend himself because he is Nigeria’s Inspector General of Police, and he mustn’t allow himself to be rattled,” the MACBAN National President insisted.