Adamawa lawmakers forced me to address resignation letter to the Speaker – Ngilari

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The deputy Adamawa , Bala Ngilari, Wednesday, explained why he addressed his resignation letter to the the house assembly instead the ousted , Murtal Nyako, as requested by the law.

Ngilari’s resignation read the floor of the Adamawa Assembly Tuesday and accepted by the lawmakers few minutes before Nyako, sacked.
Ngilari said he aware of the constitutional provision but advised against doing so by the lawmakers.

“The is that have sent any letter of resignation to the up till now,” he told .

“The representatives of the House only came to house yesterday (Monday) asking me to tender resignation and address the letter to the of the House which did.

“When the lawmakers led by the Deputy met and asked me to write the resignation, wrote it to the governor. But they asked me to change it and address it to the ”.

Nyako had Tuesday called for the reinstatement of his Deputy, which would have seen the latter being sworn as the governor of the .[eap_ad_3]