Again Prophet Odumeje Is seen With Matchete As He Calls For Challenge With Native Doctors

Whatapp News

The ever controversial Chukwuemeka is in the news once again, this time around, the Dr cum was seen with machete. In the video he said that he is in a popular town known for traditional practice and jazz Akokwa. Akokwa is a town in and its shares boundary with Uga, a town in .

In the video, in his usual manner was boasting and asking those around that he has come, he asked them to go and get their traditional spiritual power for challenge. He was being hailed by the villagers as people were shouting his name () in high regards. How he intend using the machete in spiritual battle is unknown. He said ” I am , the problem of the whole world, I am in your Town Akokwa, go and bring the most potent jazz in your town , so that I can eliminate it, call your native doctors, I am , the liquid metal”

From the video, he has gone for family libration in the town, he was also caught in the other part of the video smashing olive oil on the fences of a house that is under construction.