AGN: Fiberesima says replying Mr. Ibu would be trading intelligence with ignorance

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Few weeks ago, Nollywood comedy actor, John Okafor popularly known as Mr. Ibu stated that controversial President of Actors Guild of Nigeria, (AGN)  Ibinabo Fiberesima is not fit to lead guild, noting that some members are unhappy her administration.

Okafor had reportedly queried, what executive of Guild did promised by President Jonathan and other governments.

Reacting to  statement credited to GOtv ,   ex-beauty queen via a telephone interview Punch’s Saturday beats said, she didn’t go to collect from the President as Mr. Ibu had alleged,  saying also that it was known that the actor usually goes to the president to beg collect .

Ms Fiberesima said:

“Which money is he talking about? That is said he is detached from the realities on ground. When we went to visit the President, there was no money promised to anybody. We didn’t go there to beg for money as Mr. Ibu is used to doing; we didn’t do that. They push you to the extent that you things that you don’t to. ’m not about money, for once they should stop and think, see what team and have achieved two years.”

[eap_ad_1] “Replying Mr. Ibu would be trading intelligence with ignorance and don’t think have that time. ’m sure you have followed everything we have done and we have not hidden anything. Rather, we have been open about everything we have done, so if he attacks me the way he did, it clearly shows that he is completely detached from the reality, because he complained about things that we have achieved long ago, which shows that he is not part of the Guild,”

On the allegation that she’s forcing herself on the Guild, the newly engaged mother-of-three said,

“Mr. Ibu cannot vote for me, he does not have the power to do that. He cannot even run for office because he is not a member, and was expecting to see the names of the members whom he referred to because don’t know them, and hope they are members of the Guild because we have actors who are not members.

“You should not because of your interest a name feel you can come and talk off point to become relevant. When people people should have education, it is for this kind of reason so they will know how to speak .

“They think running to the press and running me down on Facebook and others will deter me. No. I was not brought up like that, I’m a very thorough breed. I will do what I have to do to get to where I am going. It is the love that I get from people whose lives I have touched that keeps me going, not those who don’t know where they are going, because every sentence they make is money, where is the money?”