Alibaba takes on Amazon and eBay with American e-commerce website

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hinese e-commerce company Alibaba Group Holding Ltd unveiled its first direct--consumer online shop in the Wednesday, looking take Inc and eBay Inc their home turf.

The website,, which is currently in beta, feature a wide range of products, including “-of-a-kind items, not available at mass merchants and other large e-commerce sites,” Alibaba said.

The website displayed an “opening soon” message early on Wednesday. “ shop owners are currently unpacking and getting settled,” the site said.

The invitation-only marketplace, which Alibaba said would be “inspired by the local Main Street shopping experience,” offer products in a variety of categories such as fashion and style, home and outdoor, and jewelry and watches.

The announcement comes as Alibaba prepares for a . initial public offering is expected raise more $15 – the most since ’s IPO in 2012.

The company, founded by Jack Ma, controls 80 percent of all online retail in China, handling about $250 in 2013 – more and eBay Inc combined.

Reuters reported in February Alibaba was set to launch a . e-commerce website.