Alleged Hanau shooter in contact with German prosecutors in November

Whatapp News

Berlin – The alleged assailant in the shooting in Hanau made contact with German prosecutors in November, attempting to lay a criminal charge against an unidentified intelligence organisation trying to control the world.

Federal prosecutor Peter Frank confirmed that the allegation was received by his office, but said it contained no right-wing or racist sentiments. No action was taken in response

In it, the man named as Tobias R, alleged that a large and powerful organisation was “infiltrating people’s brains to seize certain things in order to control the affairs of the world.’’

Tobias R’s father has also come to the attention of the authorities, due to various letters and complaints.

On Feb. 19, a gunman killed nine people at two shisha bars in the German city of Hanau. The suspect and his mother were later found dead in his apartment with gunshot wounds.