Another PDP member, Ohuabunwa declares presidential ambition

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By Chibuike Nwabuko

Abuja (Sundiata Post) – Another member of the People’s Democratic Party, Sam Ohuabunwa, on Monday, declared his intention run for the office of President in 2023, on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party.

The renowned pharmacist and industrialist, is also the Convener of the New Nigeria Group, unfolded his agenda at a news briefing in Abuja.

Ohuabunwa noted that membership of his NNG cuts across other parties, he decided run on the platform of the PDP because of the party’s internal democratic ethos.

He said, “This new direction indicating an enviable reformation was exhibited at its National Convention for the election of Party officials at the end of October 2021, during which it peacefully elected a new and competent crop of national leaders.

“The PDP in our view has shown that it has learnt some useful lessons during the past 6 years of being in the opposition at the federal level, and seems prepared to correct all mistakes it may have made when it was in power, and to refocus

“Governance at all levels to the true enhancement of the security, wellbeing and happiness of the citizens of Nigeria.

“We believe that in doing this, the new thinking, the new vision, the new values and the freshness we bring be in sync with the new mission of the PDP.

“No doubt, we are fully persuaded that the birth of a new Nigeria, which we espouse find fulfillment through the platform of the PDP.”

Ohuabunwa added that his declaration to run for Presidency has fully debunked the erroneous assertion that no politician from the South East geopolitical zone had shown serious interest in running for the office of President in 2023.

He said he was seeking to govern the country in 2023 to address the worsening conditions of things, which according to him, seemed more divided than in 1970 after the Civil War, with many retreating into their ethnic enclaves.

He promised to make Nigeria a country where poverty, low of and joblessness be vastly eliminated, thereby making Nigeria globally competitive.

Ohuabunwa said, under his leadership, law and order would reign supreme and that lives would be sacrosanct while citizens have access to education, health care and housing supported by mortgage.

He said, “We are also convinced that the competence, character and courage we bring to the political leadership put the party in good stead.”