APC buoyed to win Enugu governorship in 2015 – chairman

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ENUGU – The All Progressives Congress () in Enugu State said Tuesday that it was buoyed by the yearning for change in the state to prosecute the 2015 governorship .
The Chairman the party in the state, Dr Ben Nwoye, told the News Agency (NAN) in Enugu that it was confident in the .
aspiration to win the 2015 governorship in the state has been made a lot easier by the massive yearning people for change.
“We want to the state to the people who are the rightful owners instead of the few individuals holding sway,” Nwoye said.
He said the would at the right time bring up the hot and burning that had led to the ineffectiveness of in the state.
Nwoye lamented that a whole lot of were roaming the streets without any source of livelihood, adding that such had bred in the system.
He said that much needed to be done in the areas of youth empowerment and job creation to make life meaningful for the residents.
Nwoye said the had become a beautiful bride in the state, adding that notable politicians from other political parties were the verge of joining it.
He, however, lamented that the aspiration of the party had been hampered by the ineffectiveness of the judiciary in carrying out its statutory obligations in the political landscape.
“A lot of people have shown interest in joining the APC.
“But such has been hampered by the ongoing litigation involving some members of the National Assembly that recently defected to party,” Nwoye said.
He said the party had put in place a process that would throw up a candidate who would be the toast of the people in the 2015 governorship election.
“We are going to have free and fair primaries to elect flag bearer unlike what obtains in other political parties where some people have already been anointed.
“Whoever emerges in our party will have the goodwill of the people because in a true democratic process, the people should have their way, not a few individuals,” Nwoye said.
He said the party would enthrone a responsible government that would weigh every option before taking any action bearing the lives of the people.
“For the past 15 years, our state has grappled avoidable challenges arising from ineffective leadership.
“What we as a party need do is to give our people the right information in order to take their destiny in their hands.
“When our party takes over the government , the glory days of Enugu State will be here again,” Nw