AppChallenge: Ministry shortlists 500 Youths in App Development Pitch

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Ministry of Youth and Development has shortlisted five hundred young people that will go to the next stage of its AppChallenge.

The according to the Minister’s Office was launched July 2020 by the Minister of Youth and Development, Mr. Sunday Dare..

The App Challenge is designed to equip Nigerian youths with basic and advance skills that will them relevant the emerging .

The pitch which is also a capacity development programme will also equip the youths with innovative skills and enhance their capabilities the field of Apps development and games for smart devices. selecting the 500 young people through a pitch, they were made to design and submit an app that solves real time problem. Top 10 among the shortlisted 500 received million naira each, laptops, business development and certificates of participation.

Over 5000 people registered to be part of the AppChallenge and the Ministry of Youth and Development according to the statement from the Office will continue to empower more young people through many of the initiatives already designed by the Ministry and others domiciled other ministries and agencies. The ministry noted that the 500 short listed people will proceed to the next stage of the programme. “The Ministry has selected 500 shortlisted applicants to go to the next stage where they will be submitting a fully designed mobile application. By next week, we will select the best 30 of the shortlisted 500. These best 30 will be awarded with prizes as promised. Developers in the AppChallenge will design apps that can solve real life problems in core thematic areas such as Health, Sports and Lere-Adams A.B

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October 22, 2020