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ArKay Beverages woos African investors

ArKay Beverages Inc., the world’s first maker of alcohol-free liquors is inviting African wealthy individuals to invest in the USA in a new concept of ArKay Non Alcoholic Bar & Lounge that will serve food and non-alcoholic cocktails during the day and transform itself into a fun place at night.
“The reason behind ArKay expansion into the non-alcoholic bar and lounge market is obvious, people want to have fun without having to drink liquor, with ArKay, the party never stops!” said Sylvie Grattagliano, President of ArKay Beverages.
According to the company, ArKay Non-alcoholic Bar & Lounge will be serving up a variety of high end coffee, sandwiches, salads, and even, croissant burgers; not to mention, over 100 non-alcoholic cocktails.
The company anticipates opening of hundreds of locations in the USA and overseas where consumers are trying to get away from liquors and still have fun.
The typical size of the non-alcoholic bar and club will be 250 square meters or 2,800 square feet, and it will cost approximately $1million to build and equip a unit of it. Its projected return on investment (ROI) is 8percent annually.
For prospective foreign investors, Arkay promises to provide all necessary permits like resident and work permits; find the best location for the business as well as train the team. The company also has comparative advantage as the first alcohol-free liquor company in the world, thus it has little or no competition.
The company stated that a foreigner who is eligible to invest must have a minimum of USD 1 million to open the bar which will be independently owned. It however added that terms and conditions may apply and change at any time.
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