Arrested 80-year-old herder who grazes between Kogi, Osun released in Ondo

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An 80-year-old herder arrested after his herd of cows destroyed farm products has been released after paying compensation. He was told to go and sin .

There is a ban in .

But, Plateau -born Danji Ibrahim, who lives in Kogi , annually moves his cow from his base in Kogi to – passing through – to graze during the dry season.

At the outset of wet season, he returns to Kogi his cattle.

He was arrested by State operatives at Ero Village in Ifedore local after his cows ate up crops at Mrs. Aishat Ali’ farm.

Speaking how he was arrested, Ibrahim said: “ boy and I tried to rest in the early hours of the day while way from .

“But, a woman came out and nagged at us. The cows got out of the compound and moved to the expressway.

“Before I knew what was happening, the vehicle of the security agency arrived.

boy, who is younger and smarter, took to his heels. But, there was nothing a of age could do. I tried to hide somewhere, but I was caught and brought to the headquarters of the corps.”

The owner of the farm, Mrs. Ali, said the usually brought their cows to destroy farmlands in the community.

She said: “When their cows destroyed farms last year, they to pay us, but they didn’t fulfil their promise.

“A few days ago, they came back their cows. I called the operatives, who apprehended them. Now, we have resolved everything and they have compensated us.”

Ondo Commander, Chief Adetunji Adeleye, said the herder and his cows would be released since compensation had been paid.

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