Atiku Celebrates Kaycee Madu, Nigerian Appointed Minister In Canada

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Mr. Kelechi Kaycee Madu

ABUJA (Sundiata Post) – Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar has congratulated Mr. Kelechi Kaycee Madu,  who has made history by being the first Nigerian to be appointed minister in Canada.
In a statement he personally signed and sent to Sundiata Post on Thursday evening, Atiku said: “Today, I celebrate Mr. Kaycee Madu, a Nigerian who was first elected as a Member of Parliament in Alberta, Canada, and has subsequently been appointed Minister for Municipal Affairs.

 “Seeing Nigerians prosper in Nigeria, and around the world, has always been the cornerstone of vision, the Atiku Plan. 

 “Upward mobility and local and international successes, of the type displayed by Mr. Madu, go a long way in changing the international narrative of Nigeria, which, in recent years, has suffered some challenges. 

 “Even more importantly, we highlight the role education played in preparing Mr. Madu for the spotlight. As I have said previously, education is the single investment yields the biggest dividend. I should know, I have put money where my mouth is. 

 “The more Nigeria invests in education, the more our people will become beacons of light, both locally and internationally. 

 “Today I celebrate Mr. Madu’s achievements. I am proud of you and will do all within power to ensure many Ahmadus, Gbengas and Emekas, follow in your footsteps.”

 Mr. Madu, from Ahiazu Mbaise Local Government Area of Imo State and a graduate of the University of Lagos, was on Tuesday, April 30, sworn in as Minister of Municipal Affairs in Alberta, Canada.
On May 21 he will also take oath of office as a Member of Parliament in Alberta.