BBNaija: Pere Consoles Saga Over Nini’s Disappearance

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Pere, a Naija Shine Ya Eye housemate, consoled Saga as he wept over Nini’ sudden disappearance from the house.

Pere approached Saga in the garden area on Wednesday, day 60 of the show, and sat close to him as the latter cried over Nini’ absence.

During her Diary Session on Tuesday, Nini was tasked to prank the housemates with a 24-hour exit.

In the early hours of Wednesday, day 60 of the show, Nini, in line with Biggie’ secret mission, snuck out of the house to a reserved area outside the house.

Saga found out some moments later and alerted the rest of the housemates. As the search intensified, Saga begged Biggie for some information concerning Nini’ absence.

As the day unfolded, Saga, was the gym instructor of the house, skipped workout sessions and thereafter, went to the garden to cry out his pains.

After Saga had spent some time alone in the garden, Pere came over to console him by sitting beside him in the garden.

Nini, who could see Saga cry via the screen provided at her reserved room, said sadly, “Saga, stop crying now. Big Brother, Saga is having such a hard time”

Since Nini’ disappearance, Pere has rendered support and care to Saga, who had been worried and sad.

When Biggie did answer Saga when he enquired about Nini at the beginning of the search, Saga decided to sleep at the Diary Room entrance.

As he prepared to sleep there, Pere and Angel also joined him as they camped outside the Diary Room, hopeful for Nini’ return.

This comes days after Saga had spoken ill of Pere concerning his attitude towards an ex-housemate, Maria, according to a video played to the housemates.

Despite the strain in their once close friendship, Pere still supported Saga all through his worries about his love interest’ disappearance.