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Best Places to Buy and Enjoy Kilishi in Abuja


Whether you are travelling to or from Abuja, family and friends will always ask for one favour — ”Please buy me/us Abuja Kilishi.” It is that good. Spicy and great tasting meat.

Tasting Kilishi is a bit like the wait, an initial pause where you just going through the motions and then it hits you. A burst of flavour, rich, smoky, hot (it’s not for the faint of heart), everything meat should be, exactly like a homecoming. Usually made out of beef, and undergoes a long process of spicing, burning, drying and more burning.

Abuja is the Nation’s capital and a very multicultural state. People who live there come from all parts of Nigeria, which makes it very similar to Lagos. However because of its geo-political location and proximity to Northern states, Hausa food and snacks are commonplace in Abuja. There are several Kilishi spots, but these are amongst the most popular and sought after places.

Area One Shoping Complex

Area 1, Garki. It is called Lope street and it’s behind Area 1 shopping complex. There are several Kilishi vendors there and they would immediately try to woo you to buy from them. You will get plenty to taste. Make sure you take your time, in order to get the best deal and try to take a Hausa-speaking friend so you can warm your way into their hearts.


Yahuza Suya and kilishi limited is the one of the best places in Abuja for suya and kilishi. The good part is that they have many branches across Abuja. I noticed so many of them and even lost count. I visited about 3 spots. This is not the normal roadside suya. You have to pay first, then you’ll be issued a ticket and wait for your turn. It’s an organised suya and kilishi system. Apart from Suya (chicken, meat and assorted) and kilishi, they also sell Masa (a certain rice snack), and Dambun Nama. Twoof their major locations are 48 ,Ademola Adetokunbo Crescent, Amfac, Wuse II, and El-Tengi Plaza, First Avenue , Along Agete Hotel Road, Gwarinpa.

Kilishi Park/Market

Kilishi Park and Market is one of the favorites spots for this amazing snack. It is solely dedicated to Kilishi and one will surely be spoilt for options. It is located in Garki, Abuja and usually open till 11:50pm everyday.

Shagalinku Restaurant

Shagalinku Restaurant, loctaed in Kapital Road Garki is a typically northern restaurant, which suggests that its expertise in kilishi cant be doubted. Open till 10:pm daily.

So, there you have it. You have been spoilt for choices. Try them all if you can and leave a comment below about your experience.

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