Blackberry restructuring for profitability -Official

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BlackBerry Territory Director, East, West, Central and Southern Africa, Mr Charles Asinugo, said on Thursday that the company was restructuring its phones for growth and profitability.

Asinugo said this in Lagos, during a briefing to unveil its BlackBerry Z3 to the market.

He said that the company had carried out a lot of research and now understood better what its numerous customers wanted.

According to him, the company is addressing the challenges BlackBerry phones face in its various markets, in the areas of security, battery life and costs.

He said, “The core strength of BlackBerry is its security. devices will continue to come down in but it does mean that they are of low quality.


“The market is one of the strategic markets of BlackBerry and we hope it will help us bring BlackBerry to profitability.”

The Territory Director said that the manufacture of BlackBerry Z3 smartphone was part of the company’s restructuring mechanism.

He said that the smartphone, which was meant for middle-class Nigerians, came an inbuilt battery, hence making the battery life last as long as the phone would.

According to him, the BlackBerry Z3 extends the BlackBerry Z10 platform to a new generation of customers in Nigeria, at an attractive point.

“It offers them more ways to securely communicate, collaborate and be productive an experience built on reliable, secure, communication,” he said.

Asinugo said that the company noticed stable growth in the first quarter of 2014 and would further unveil into the market smartphones called ‘BlackBerry Passport’ in September and ‘BlackBerry Classic’ in November.