Borno Reps member sacks aide for describing Boko Haram leader, Shekau as ‘true hero’

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A of the of representatives Borno, Abdulkadir Rahis, has sacked his aide, Bukar Tanda, for describing Abubakar Shekau, Haram as a “true hero”.

Shekau, reportedly himself a bomb on Wednesday— avoid being captured by fighters of the Islamic in West Province (ISWAP) — a breakaway faction of Haram.

But in a Facebook post on , Tanda praised the dreaded of Haram, saying “he lived a live of hero and died a true hero”.

“I admire and appreciate his courage terminate his life. He lived a life of a hero and died a true hero. He did it in such a way that not even traces of his corpse will be found,” Tanda wrote.

The comments did not go down well Rahis, his principal, who issued him a letter of dismissal.

“I wish formally write and notify you of the termination of your appointment as legislative aide, forthwith,” Rahis said in a letter he personally signed.

“Your actions, utterances and opinion of recent are at variance interest, that of constituency and our great party, the .

“The letter also serve as a disclaimer to any action or position you took or wish to take, on any matter that may have the remotest connection with me as a person or office.”

Shekau terrorised northern Nigeria for than a decade.