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British minister deserves ‘second chance’ despite backlash



Mrs Suella Braverman

LONDON- As a backlash grows to the re-appointment of a senior minister in the British government, the governing Conservative Party chairman has argued that she deserves a “second chance.”

Conservative Party chairman Nadhim Zahawi said Prime Minister Rishi Sunak was right to give Suella Braverman a shot at “redemption” six days after she was forced out by Liz Truss over a security breach.

Mr Sunak’s attempt to unite the Tories is under strain, with Mr Zahawi’s predecessor, Sir Jake Berry, alleging “multiple breaches” of the Ministerial Code.

An allegation of Ms Braverman having been investigated by Government officials after the leaking of a story involving the security services also emerged.

Mr Sunak brought her back into the Cabinet as Home Secretary despite her resignation after she was caught sending a Tory backbencher a sensitive document from a personal email account.

Mr Zahawi defended her reappointment, arguing that she admitted the “mistake” and resigned “immediately”, a characterisation disputed by officials.

“She fell on her sword, she didn’t try to ride it out and try to hang on to her job,” he told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme.

“This Prime Minister looked at the details of this case and he believes in second chances and he’s giving Suella Braverman a second chance. I believe in redemption, as I’m sure many of your listeners would do as well.”

Allies of the minister dubbed “Leaky Sue” insisted a suggestion that MI5 will give her lessons on what information she can and cannot share to prevent another breach was “nonsense”.

Meanwhile, the Mail reported that she had been investigated by a unit within the Cabinet office over a leak about the Government’s plan to seek an injunction against the BBC.

The newspaper said no “conclusive evidence” of the identity of the leaker behind a story about plans to bar the identification of a spy accused of terrorising his ex-partner was found.

But it said MI5 played a role in the inquiry after the leak at the time Ms Braverman was attorney general sparked “concern” in the Security Service.

Shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper, who has demanded an official inquiry into Ms Braverman, said: “These are extremely serious allegations.

“There needs to be an urgent investigation into the Home Secretary’s security breaches including these new allegations while she was attorney general.

“The Prime Minister needs to say whether he knew about these allegations when he re-appointed her. Ignoring warnings about security risks when appointing a Home Secretary is highly irresponsible and dangerous.” (PA Media/dpa/NAN)

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